Opiniones sobre Caledonian Centre

De los alumnos…

“En mi caso la evolución más importante la he notado en el listening, ya que he entendido el 95% de las clases. Además he recordado la gramática y he adquirido vocabulario.”

“Las clases no son nada aburridas por eso se quedan mejor los conceptos.”

” Todas las clases han sido muy positivas en cuanto a motivación, pedagogía y diseño curricular. El profesor ha mostrado mucho interés por los alumnos.”

“Destacaría la forma en la que se divide el tiempo en el aula, da tiempo a corregir, practicar vocabulario, hacer speaking, listening y son muy dinámicas.”

“Me gustaría destacar los diferenes medios y formas de aprender que nos han facilitado.”

“Las clases han sido muy prácticas y todo el tiempo hablando en inglés.”

De los profesores…

“I worked at the Caledonian Centre for two years and it was a great experience. The directors, Georgia and Margaret, are approachable and extremely supportive – whether you need assistance with classroom discipline, going to the doctor or a coursebook recommendation – they are always there to help. The school is a good size with a large enough staff to feel part of a larger team while still feeling friendly and intimate and the atmosphere manages to be a good combination of professional and laid-back. As teachers, we were treated very well, something that sadly is not the case in every private language school in Spain! The school has a good range of resources e.g. interactive whiteboards, extra materials etc.

Toledo itself is a beautiful city – a little bit small but Madrid is only 30 minutes away by train so you have all the excitement and cultural opportunities of a big city on your doorstep without paying Madrid rents!

I really enjoyed my time at the Caledonian Centre and would recommend it to anyone.”

Matt Jackson (2014-2016)

“I have been teaching at The Caledonian Language Centre since september 2003, during which time it has grown to become the best private academy in Toledo.

Expectations (both of teachers abnd students) are high and this is reflected in exams results! Whether studying for Cambridge or Trynity exams students can expect to be fully prepared.

Support is always available for the staff and the academy endeavours to update materials and resources. The atmosphere is hard-working but friendly and any discipline problems (which in my experience occur rarely) are dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

Anyone looking to work in Toledo (which is beautiful city, by the way) would do well to consider working at The Caledonian Centre.”

James Dunn (2003 to present)

“During my three academic years working at Caledonian I have been able to grow and develop as a teacher, teaching a wide variety of groups from very young learners through to adults.

Friendly staff who are always ready to help, a good range of resources and the block timetabling of classes have all contributed to making my experience at Caledonian a very pleasant one.”

Lottie Hamer (2010 - 2013)

“I have been working at the Caledonian Language Centre for three years now, and I can truly say that these have been the best years of my English-teaching experience.

The directors are always willing to lend a hand in whatever way they can and are very suportive. My fellow teachers are open to sharing their ideas as well, which lends to a creative and comfortable work environment. Caledonian also has an excellent range of resource material, in book form and online, and I use them almost on a daily basis. Having such a large variety of supplementary activities certainly makes the day to day preparation of classes easier.

The Caledonian Language Centre is in the city of Toledo. Although it is rather small, Madrid is only a short drive or bus ride away, making it the ideal place to live if you don’t want to deal with big city stress day after day, but do want to have culture, sport and other forms of entertaiment within easy reach.

Kendall Stark 2010 (to present)

“I’ve been working at The Caledonian Language Centre for five years now and I can say that it is a friendly and relaxed place to work in. The teachers really care about theirstudents and strive to make learning English a fun experience for children, teenagers and adults. This is why many of the students at the Caledonian Language Centre have been coming for years.
From a teacher’s point of view, another bonus is that there is a family feel to this school as the directors are always there to help you and give you advice, whether it be professional
or personal. If you have a problem you know you can always talk to someone and get máximum support rom them.”

Paola Ferrara (2008 to present)

“The fact that I’ve been working in Caledonian since 2000 probably tells something about me and about the school. There must be places where I could be happier and enjoy life more but I bet there aren’t many. Above all, I love teaching and here I can do it, with a considerable amount of support and a minimum of hindrances. One thing I like is that this place is not a business, it’s a school.

I can feel that the underlying purpose of all our activity is really educational; that energies and minds are focused on the children, the students, their parents, if they learn and enjoy and thrive, not on profits or expansion goals.

We are considerably far from perfection. Just as I see everyday in myself plenty of things I’d like to develop or change to become a better teacher, I’m aware that methodology, organization, teacher training, communication, could be improved. But what I like is show hard I see people try. I see constant effort to raise the standards, and indeed I’ve witnessed an amazing evolution over all these years, and I love that.

In Caledonian I’ve felt and feel appreciated, respected, taken care of, listened to, stimulated, rewarded, and free to devise and conduct my lessons in the way I deem best, within the framework, of course of Caledonian Standards.”

Manuel Melgarejo (2000 to present)

“The Caledonian Centre is well known in Toledo for its very high standards and for being a centre of excellence. I can say after three years working here there is indeed a high expectation of both students and teachers to give their very best at all times.

It is a very friendly place to work and there is always time to listen to teachers´problems, have a chat or even help with house hunting.It has a very family feel about the place, and that is certainly something I will miss.

There is pressure to succeed, but as part of this I feel that I am a much better teacher now than I was three years ago, had it been otherwise, I would probably be making the same mistakes I was when I started. There have been many occasions where I have been given help structuring lessons, planning lessons and observation to help me, which certainly isn´t a usual thing in most academies.

Class sizes are small and any discipline problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. One very important thing is never to be afraid to contact the heads, as that will lead to a quick resolution of the problem.

Margaret ( one of the heads ) said to me “You always throw us flowers ” but I think where there is a good reason to, then flowers should be thrown. If you are up to a challenge, want to succeed and become a better teacher, or feel that you can offer to a very dynamic and interested staff, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Caledonian to you.”

Ben Stallion

«Working at Caledonian is a great experience, very different from the normal ‘arrive one year, leave the next’ turn over in most academies. Here you feel that you actually want to stay on and continue teaching, you are treated well and have a large selection of materials at your disposal. The students are, on the whole, a good bunch and if there are ever problems you are given support in dealing with them. Staff are all friendly and there is flexibility in the number of hours you feel that you would like to work; be it more or less. So yes, I would recommend that anyone who would like the chance to live in a beautiful and historically fascinating city, while working in a rewarding and professional environment, send a CV in to Margaret or Georgia asap!”

Davey Northcott (2009-2013)

“For it’s size Toledo has a lot to offer and is a beautiful place to live. There’s always something going on which you can get involved with…. So it’s quite easy to meet new people. Of course Madrid isn’t far away, if you find yourself missing the big city, although personally, my most memorable moments have been in the mountains with the local walking group.

In my 5 years of teaching I’ve found the students at Caledonian to be the best behaved and the most motivated.

I think this reflects the professionalism of the school.”

Angela Scholey (2011-2013)

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