4 marzo, 2024 READING PRELIMINARY FS 2024 45 MIN

Read the instructions for each part carefully. Questions 1-32 carry one mark


Nombre y Apellidos

PART 1.- Questions 1-5

For each question, choose the correct answer
1-Choose the correct answer


2-Choose the correct answer


3-Choose the correct answer


4-Choose the correct answer


5-Choose the correct answer


PART 2- Questions 6-10

For each question, choose the correct answer
The young people below all want to do a cycling course during their school holidays. There are descriptions of eight cycling courses. Decide which course would be the most suitable for the people below.

part2 b
6-Choose the correct answer

6 1

7-Choose the correct answer

7 1

8-Choose the correct answer


9-Choose the correct answer


10-Choose the correct answer


PART 3- Questions 11-15

For each question, choose the correct answer

part3 a
11- Harry thinks he said that he was going to be a tennis champion in order to

12- How did Harry feel after his first important competition?

13- What does Harry try to remember when he's on the court?

14- What does Harry say about his behaviour in tournaments

15- What might a sports journalist write about Harry now?


PART 4- Questions 16-20

Five sentences have been removed from text below
For each question, choose the correct answer.

There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.


16-Write your answer

17-Write your answer

18-Write your answer

19-Write your answer

20-Write your answer

PART 5- Questions 21-26

For each question, choose the correct answer.
part5 a

21-Choose the correct word

22-Choose the correct word

23-Choose the correct word

24-Choose the correct word

25-Choose the correct word

26-Choose the correct word

PART 6- Questions 27-32

For each question, write the correct answer.
Write one word for each gap.


27-Write one word

28-Write one word

29-Write one word

30-Write one word

31-Write one word

32-Write one word

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